A DIY Guide for Water Spot Removal

Water Spot RemovalH2O can be your car’s worst enemy. Factors like rain, sprinklers, and even an improper car wash can leave behind those dreaded water spots. To be clear, it’s not the water itself that causes those spots. The visible markings are caused by calcium and other mineral deposits found in hard water. Not to worry, though; we’ll show you an easy method for removing water spots and restoring your car’s natural finish.

Water Spot Removal Guide

Prevention is the best measure. That means there should be very little time gap between washing and drying your car. If it’s raining and your car is parked outside, then have a squeegee and towel ready the minute the rain comes to a halt.

For existing water marks, an easy DIY solution is to use white vinegar. Simply mix a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Give the car surface a quick spritz, wipe, and voila. That should effectively remove 95% of stubborn water spots. This works for the car frame as well as windows and headlights.

In case you’re wondering, vinegar is absolutely safe and will not harm the car’s paint. It will, however, strip the wax, so you’ll have to re-wax.

What About Baked-On Water Spots?

When the water spots are allowed to linger for days, it eventually gets “baked” on. The deposits from the water hardens onto the paint. Will vinegar work in this instance? You can give it a try; you may be able to remove some of the residue but not all of it. To remove the rest, you’ll need a solution consisting of hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid. Since this is a chemical solution and a delicate process, we highly recommend having baked on spots removed by a professional.

We’ll Get Rid of Those Unsightly Water Spots

Bring your car to Bellingham Detail & Auto Glass. Leave it to our auto detail crew to remove water spots that have been baked on for days.
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