Summer Car Detailing Is a Must

Summer Car DetailingSummer temperatures put certain car parts at risk of overheating. The sun also affects the aesthetic aspects of the car, both the interior and exterior. We’ll explain why summer car detailing is a must as the sun shines brightly on Bellingham.

Summer Car Detailing Tips

Wax the vehicle after a car wash to protect the surface from damaging UV rays. Sunlight causes the paint to oxidize, which causes the color to fade. Faded coloring is especially noticeable in red vehicles. In addition, you can more easily remove debris, dirt, and grime from vehicle surfaces with a wax coating.

We also apply a special type of wax to the exterior windows. Rainfall still occurs in the summer, and the wax allows the raindrops to easily glide off the auto glass.

The interior requires extensive car detailing as well. We use cleaners fortified with UV inhibitors to protect the upholstery and dashboard from fading.

A simple yet often overlooked way to protect the interior is by placing a sun shade on the front windshield when parking outside. This does far more than just prevent a hot steering wheel.

Extra DIY Tip

Here is another summer car care tip: keep a bottle of baby shampoo in your car if you are a commuter. Why? Summer is when birds and gulls fly in flocks. This means you might discover bird droppings on your car. Baby shampoo is designed to be gentle on a baby’s skin. It is also gentle on a car surface while effectively removing bird poo.

We’ll Detail Your Car for the Summer

With the sun in full blast, bring your car to Bellingham Detail & Auto Glass for a complete car detailing. Look up our pricing for our various cleaning packages. Summer car detailing is a must, especially if you park your car outside and/or are planning a lengthy road trip.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Full Summer Car Detailing

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