How to Maintain a Clean Car Interior?

Clean Car InteriorDo you regularly sanitize the bathroom? If so, why wouldn’t you do the same to maintain a clean car interior? Car cabins become dirty really fast; yet many car owners don’t bother to thoroughly clean the interior. We’ll explain how to keep a car cabin clean and why this is important for driver and passenger health.

Car Cabins Are Filthy

Most vehicle owners regularly wash their car’s exterior but don’t bother with an auto detail for the interior. This is a mistake with a health consequence.

Here is a rather disturbing health fact: an average car seat contains 100 strains of bacteria per square centimeter, according to a University of Birmingham study. That is roughly twice as much as a toilet set.

Why is this? Many drivers eat while behind the wheel and also allow their passengers to do the same. A survey by the European-based Dorel brand revealed that 36% of car owners have at one point found food lodged in the upholstery.

Here is a food-for-thought question: Would you eat while using the restroom? If not, then why would you do so in the car?

How to Keep the Car Interior Clean

  • Refrain from eating in the car. If you must eat while on the go, then vacuum afterwards to remove crumbs
  • Use disinfectant wipes to clean the steering wheel and dashboard
  • Tie a trash bag in the back of the car
  • Regularly shampoo the upholstery and areas with leather stitching
  • All consumables that go in the car also leave the car with you, even if unopened

We’ll Clean Your Dirty Car Cabin

Don’t let your car become a nesting ground for illness-inducing germs. Bring your car to Bellingham Detail and Auto Glass for a professional cleaning. Our car care package includes various services for maintaining a clean car interior.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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