Removing Cigarette Smoke from a Car: A DIY Process

removing cigarette smellDo you smoke or travel with passengers who are smokers? Perhaps you bought a used car which was previously owned by a smoker. In either scenario, the smoke is embedded in the car cabin. Using a car scent is at best a temporary fix. We’ll show you how to permanently remove cigarette smoke from your car.

How to Remove Cigarette Smoke from Your Car

1.   Remove cigarette butts and ash from the ashtray

2.   Remove the floor mats, seat coverings, and just about anything not permanently attached to the car.

3.   Perform a deep vacuuming of the interior, being sure to hit every nook and cranny. Do the same for the mats and all the removables.

4.   Be sure to follow any specific cleaning and care guidelines for any specific type of leather in your upholstery.

5.   Wipe down the dashboard and steering wheel using a homemade cleaner of water and white vinegar. The steering wheel, by the way, tends to have the strongest smell. Smokers tend to blow directly in front of the wheel instead of out the window.

Professional Cleaning

Unfortunately, the DIY process above isn’t a fail-proof method. It works wonders for some car owners, while for others the smell persists. In the latter instance, a professional auto detail is the next logical step.

Some car owners may opt to replace the mats and seat coverings. This may help to some extent, but the smell will still be embedded in the cabin itself.

We Remove all Odors

Bring your car to Bellingham Detail and Auto Glass if your car smells like a smoker’s lounge. We detail and remove foul smells as part of our car protection package. Add a car wash on top of that and your vehicle will look like new. We remove cigarette smoke from a car as well as other lingering odors.

Professional Car Odor Removal

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