Common Windshield Hazards in the Fall

Windshield HazardsFall is the time to really pay attention to hazards that can damage your windshield. Debris is especially commonplace in the Bellingham area during this time of year. Be mindful of windshield hazards that can cause a crack or chip. Many of these hazards are seemingly benign, everyday objects that may do more harm to your vehicle than you realize.

Top Windshield Hazards in Bellingham

Acorns! Yes, those little nuts that squirrels can’t seem to get enough of is a top windshield hazard. Acorns grow on oak trees, which are aplenty in the Pacific Northwest. If it can be helped, try not to park adjacent or directly under one of these trees. If you have a garage, then fall is definitely the time of year to use it for its designated purpose. A fair-sized acorn can land on the windshield with enough impact to cause a small chip.

Other road debris like rocks and branches are also common in the fall. These can be kicked up by the tires from cars ahead and strike your windshield. Debris being hauled away in trucks can also fly out of the cargo bed and hit your windshield.

Another factor is the changing temperature. Fall weather here in Bellingham can range from cool mornings to mildly warm afternoons. The fluctuation can cause contractions and expansions in a glass with an existing chip and worsen the crack. This is why all cracks, even a seemingly negligible one, should be looked at by an auto glass repair service.

We’ll Fix Your Crack Windshield in Bellingham

Fall is also the ideal time for an auto detail. Contact Bellingham Detail & Auto Glass for pricing on detailing and windshield repairs. The windshield hazards we spoke of are more commonplace than you may realize; do take caution this fall and let us repair your cracked windshield in Bellingham.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

Windshield Repairs from Common Fall Hazards

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