How to Remove Car Decals

remove car decalsDecal stickers are an easy way to personalize your vehicle. You can add inscriptions or graphics of just about anything. However, you may eventually decide to remove the decals when you grow tired of them or plan to sell the vehicle. We’ll show you how to remove car decals; the process involves more than just peeling the sticker off.

How to Remove Car Decals: A Step-By-Step Process

1. Clean the Area

The first step is to clean the surface around the decal. You don’t need anything fancy here; just use good ol’ soapy water and a sponge. Dry the area using a microfiber cloth.

2. Warm the Decal

Use a hairdryer to warm the sticker. Do this for about a minute. The heat will cause the adhesive under the decal to loosen.

3. Remove the Decal

Peel off the decal while it’s still warm and soft from the heat. Peel slowly and gently. If the decal still stubbornly sticks to the car, blow dry it for another minute.

4. Use a Glue Remover

The decal may leave sticky traces of adhesives. Use a glue remover to remove the adhesive. You can find glue remover at your local hardware store.

Decal Removal from a Professional

The steps above work for most decals whether they’re on the car frame or auto glass. However, decals that have been on your car for years may be especially tricky to remove. You may need to bring your car to an auto detailing center to fully remove the decal and all traces of adhesive.

We’ll Remove Your Old Decals

Renovating your car is a great New Year’s resolution. You can start by bringing your car to Bellingham Detail & Auto Glass for a car wash. We can also remove car decals if you no longer find them fitting for your set of wheels.

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Car Decal Removal

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