Ceramic Coating: More than just a wax

Unlike traditional wax products Ceramic coating provides an exceptional layer of durable, long-lasting protection. Our Ceramic coating’ properly applied cures to forma a solid molecular barrier impervious to chemicals, corrosion, UV exposure and high temperatures. Ceramic coating will not wash off your vehicle like most traditional car waxes. Instead of providing months of protection like a traditional wax, our Ceramic Coating is formulated to protect your car for 3 years! Ceramic Coating technology is absolutely incredible, providing not only protection for the paint, but also producing an impressive hydrophobic finish that repels water and other contaminants- resulting in and overall, top-of-the-line consumer experience.

Ceramic paint protection provides 9H Nano ceramic coverage for environmental pollutants such as UV damage, hard water spotting, bird droppings, tree sap, road salt, acidic rain, insects and much more. Ceramic coating can not only protect your cars paint but also alloy wheels, glass and exterior plastics from the harsh elements.

Ceramic coating packages start at $799 for a complete vehicle but can vary depending on size and condition. Give us a call or come in to get a quote today!